Can't hurt me by David Goggines - Book Summary

Can't Hurt Me By David Goggins - Book Summary

Can't hurt me

This book is written by David Goggins. This is a memoir that recounts Goggins's journey from a troubled childhood to becoming a Navy SEAL, an ultra-marathon runner, and a motivational speaker. Throughout the book, Goggins emphasizes the power of mental toughness and self-discipline, arguing that anyone can push through physical and mental barriers to achieve their goals if they have the right mindset.

The book begins with Goggins describing his difficult childhood in rural Indiana. He was abused by his father, who was an alcoholic, and grew up in poverty. Goggins struggled with obesity and a speech impediment, which made him the target of bullies. However, he learned to use his pain as fuel and developed a strong work ethic from his mother, who worked long hours as a nurse to provide for her family

Navy SEAL Team Six.

After high school, Goggins worked a series of jobs having no career opportunities until he decided to join the Navy. He failed the Navy training three times but refused to give up and finally became a navy seal. He served in various Operations like the Iraqi Freedom and later became a part of the elite Navy SEAL Team Six.

After leaving the military, Goggins became an ultra-marathon runner and set numerous records, including running 100 miles in less than 24 hours. He also became a motivational speaker and shares his message of self-discipline and mental toughness with audiences around the world.

Throughout the book, Goggins shares various challenges he faced and how he overcame them through mental toughness and self-discipline. For example, he talks about how he pushed through physical pain during his ultra-marathons by focusing on his goal and refusing to quit. He also talks about how he overcame his fear of water, which he developed after nearly drowning as a child, by taking up swimming and eventually completing a 100-mile race that involved swimming, biking, and running.

The most important which Googins trying to say is we will be having so many hurdles in our lives which will give us pain mentally and physically at that time we should know that we are accepting our being. Moreover, he also says that it will take us to our limitations that will help us to know what we truly are. He also focuses on the importance of taking responsibility for taking care of ourselves and not letting external circumstances or other people interfere with our lives.

The author also highlighted the importance of being mentally prepared for any upcoming event. He said that we can attain our goals by looking into ourselves going ahead and preparing ourselves for the next moment. He also focused on setting specific goals so that breaking large steps into smaller ones will help us getting our target will be easy.

Another important aspect of the book is the power of answerability. He said that we need to be just with our actions so that we can be accountable in other matters as well. He also argues about the significance of not refusing our mistakes. 

In conclusion, it is an inspiring and motivating book that encourages readers to push themselves to their limits and embrace discomfort as a path to personal growth. David Goggins's story is a testament to the power of mental toughness and self-discipline, and his message is one that anyone can apply to their own life, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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